Civil society monitoring process


Civil society organizations play an important role in the National Discrimination and Racism Monitor (NaDiRa). They should participate in it and critically accompany it. This civil society monitoring process is intended to help incorporate a variety of perspectives into the racism monitor, address research questions relevant to the reality of life for affected communities and derive measures that are tailored to their needs.

Migrant organizations, New German Organizations and other civil society organizations have been calling for the collection of data for some time in order to make existing inequality more visible.

Many migrant organizations and BPoC self-organizations have been producing knowledge about racism for decades. In addition, there is a need for a database that maps structural racism in all its forms. This creates the basis for an effective anti-racism policy.

The civil society expert group

The National Discrimination and Racism Monitor (NaDiRa) is supported by a civil society expert group. Its purpose is to advise the NaDiRa researchers, support its development and disseminate its findings. Migrant organizations, diasporic organizations, new German organizations and organizations/institutions that focus on the topic of (anti-)racism can be included in the expert group. If you are interested, please register using the form below. Registration page

If you are an individual interested in participating in the expert group, please contact the NaDiRa office at: rassismusmonitoring(at)